Young Chicks First Dicks

Sorti à: 10 mai 2007 de Cezar Capone
Sit down, strap in, and lube up for the jerk fest of your life! This is more than you've bargained for! This movie will have you bustin' nuts in the opening trailer! Yes, it's that good!! If you've never seen young "vagina", you'll be luvin' these near virgin chicks and their first time on-camera dicks! Watch this movie, and you will be beatin' your hamster happy to the likes to Tyler Stevenz and Keeani Lei, as well as four other young, wet, creamy hotties getting their cherries blasted! So take it home, pull your noodle raw with glee, and don't forget the extra lube on your way out! You'll need it!!

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Keeani Lei

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