When Girls Play 29

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Riley and Alina leave it all on the floor in a steamy duet so hot, they need to strip down. This naughty pas de deux will leave you begging for an encore. Alura Jensen is just a typical stay at home wife...or is she? When her husband heads off to work, Alura gets to work on playing with her little toy Kiara hidden away in her suburban closet. Gorgeous Kira Noir comes to the club every night that talented Sabina Rouge performers. It's a small club but a place that amazing Sabina calls home. One night, Sabina receives a bouquet of flowers from a 'secret admirer' and she think she knows who sent them. The sexual tension between Kira and Sabina is palpable, even when they are on other sides of the club. Tonight is the night the two finally get to act out their fantasies, up close and personal. Busty Giselle Palmer and adorable Gabbie Carter are new stepsisters and they are being made to spend Christmas with each other. The girls are both only-kids, and they are not happy about having to share the spot light, even as adults! When the WIFI cuts out mid-phone sex with their partners, Giselle and Gabbie decide to take out their frustrations on each other ? what a couple of ho, ho, hoes! Molly Stewart and Jade Baker are stunning best friends who love to party hard together. When they end up alone in a bathtub together during the countdown to the new year, with no one else to kiss but each other, things get heated, and their mutual secret affection for each other is finally revealed.

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