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** Sun Kissed Beauty** As Eva & Van get ready for their evening out, Eva simply can't keep her hands to herself. Their departure is delayed as the two lovers take turns pleasing each other, giving Eva multiple orgasms before Van unleashes his own into her eager mouth. ** Tasty Creampie** Strawberries & whipped cream taste so much better when used as foreplay. Veronica and Bruce can't deny their sexual chemistry, as Bruce expertly plays Veronica's body, bringing her to a quaking climax before unleashing his own creampie finish. **Teaser Pleaser** Jillian works Tommy up, eagerly taking him into her mouth until Tommy turns the tables & tastes her velvety warmth. They melt into each other, deeply thrusting & grinding out their passions until Tommy bursts into Jillian's open mouth. **Unwrapped** Presley models her new lingerie for Logan, who approves of her purchase! She takes charge, taking him into her mouth, until Logan can take no more. He slides himself into her welcoming wetness as the two take each other to ecstasy.

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