Under The Bed-Time

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With hot, youthful girls and traveling aspirations, there couldn't be a better duo. And sure, for Alissa Foxy, this road trip is going to turn into a fuckfest, just not the one she is expecting. After traveling for a long time, she finally arrives at her destination, a cheap overnight AirBnB that is not up to hers or anyone else's standards. Riddled with maggots in cupboards, cockroaches all over the sheets, and a TV that shows nothing but white noise, it makes her skin crawl. However, Alissa has no choice but to swallow her pride and sleep here for the night, even though it's creepy as hell. She goes to take a shower and brush her teeth before heading to bed. While brushing, suddenly the lights started flickering. Once again, she's creeped out, but there's nothing to actually be afraid of, right? Back in the room, she prepares for bed; her perky, firm tits jiggle while she's putting on her silky night dress. A set of perky nipples are piercing through the dress, partly due to how creeped out she is the whole time. Finally, she goes to bed, turns the flickering nightstand lamp off, and somehow falls asleep after rolling around the bed for a long time. Moments after she starts dreaming, a new guest arrives, and massive, long, slimy tentacles are crawling under the bed. They climb up from the sides, even breaching through the mattress and wrapping around her neck. .

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