Touch of the Younger Kind 7

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This girl Joseline is cute, enthusiastic, and interesting! She might be the only girl I've ever heard describe herself as not being easy, yet being a total slut. What a theory! Anyways, she says she's nervous since its her first time but it doesn't show by the way she licks balls, rides that dick, and takes spanks. She's definitely with a lot of guys prior to this shoot, which she admits to as well (so honest). Overall, she's exciting to watch and so incredibly hot that wanking to this might be the best 30mins you'll have all day. Just imagine yourself being the one to shoot all that dick spit on her ass and have her look back at you with that smile. DREAMS DO COME TRUE YA KNOW! The beautiful 18 year old Cece Capella is no saint. She actually might be the complete opposite considering she got fucked in a church, but man oh man can she do porn! Since its her first time, we try to find out some details about her. She's fucked around seven guys, has perfect 34D tits, and is from Arizona. I actually guessed Arizona before she said it, I could tell by the way her pussy was able to stretch wider than the Grand Canyon! Anyways, Cece gives a wonderful performance and sure knows how to please a man with not just her mouth, but also her amazing lower back skills which lets her ride while you sit back and relax. Its actually fun for her ALWAYS, and her favorite part? Guzzling down penis pudding like a BBW at an all-you-can-eat dessert bar. I cant wait to see what Cece gets into next! Attention Skeeters! Please say hello to this country cutie Zoey Laine! Zoey wanted to join the Team to not only make some money, but also to have better sex! Sounds like our kind of girl. After learning more about her past and her likes, we oiled her down so we can see her sheen on camera. We could not get enough of her ear to ear smile the entire time she was with us - signs of good things to come. She welcomed our boys meatsicle into her mouth with glee and continued to suck on it until it was time to get down to the business at hand. He bent her over and guided her on how to position herself correctly for the camera, but Zoey didn't need too much help in that department - she's a natural! From her moans to the sound her moist pussy makes when getting wrecked, this girl is the full package. To top it off, she finished her audition with a dose of cum on her mouth and we got ourselves a new star! Tell us what you think of Zoey below! The super petite Bambi Brooks is quite the eloquent adult actress. She answers any question she's asked with poise and doesn't have any problems getting comfortable, even though its her first porn scene ever. As she strips down, we get a lovely peek at her tasty curves, especially a bubble butt that looks like it could pop at any minute! She's only 21, and she mainly is doing porn because of the standard of professionalism (lol) and the money of course. She sucks some excellent dick and can ride like a stallion, pay close attention to the sound her pussy makes when this happens, it might be the hottest thing you have ever heard. She has no problem taking down a hot shot of baby goo either, which is always welcomed not just on the set, but honestly any occasion!

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