Swedish Erotica Volume 26

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Congratulations and welcome to the fantastic world of videotaped home adult entertainment. These complete cassettes contain the highest quality adult programming; no expense has been spared, and the most exacting attention has been taken, so that we can bring you these thrilling, classic experiences. Organ Recital Two Co-eds go to their professor's house for a piano lesson. They would rather play with him than for him. This is an organ recital worthy of a standing ovation. Luscious Desiree Luscious Desiree visits a co-ed health spa for a soothing sauna. The lusty blonde owner and a male client take a more intimate interest in the care of Desiree's body. These three make for the hottest sauna ever seen. Day in the Park Sensual Susan and her sorority sister go to meet her boyfriend in the park. Her sister's mammoth boobs turn them both on, and this sexy hot threesome has a HOT day in the park!

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