Supersized Sistas 3

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Featuring the biggest, baddest black babes in the biz, **Supersized Sistas 3** offers a mind-boggling view of BBW beauty in some of their sexiest moments. Of special note, BBW Cotton Candi will make you dizzy with all that she has to offer. This gigantic, ebony BBW may look nice and innocent but get her in front of a camera and watch the tiger inside of her come out. Cotton Candi has 46M breasts and she will show you what a real woman with curves looks like. Enjoy as she captures your attention by showing you what a true BBW looks like. Now if Candi can't get your attention, you must be blind! But some might say that a taste of this Cotton Candi will make a blind man see! Don't miss the biggest tits and asses around!

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Cotton Candi

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