Spring Break Fuck Parties Volume Nineteen

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Quinn Wilde, Kara Lee, and Kiarra Kai are super excited that one of them is finally getting married. But when the bride starts to get cold feet about the whole thing, the bridesmaids have to figure out a way to save the wedding. They decide to call up the brides ex boyfriend for one last hurrah. Maybe if she gets his dick one more time, she will be able to focus on her new man! He comes over and presents his thick wedding gift and the three babes take turns drooling all over it. Then, they bend over and let the stud thrust inside their tight, wet pussies. The bride gets fucked so good, all her marital hang ups fly right out the window. Looks like a good dick down was all she needed. Besties Allie Addison, Jewelz Blu, and Lily Glee have a serious passion for the fine arts. They have been going to art class forever, and they are looking to take their painting skills to the next level. So, to up their game, they decide to sign up for a class that will let them get in the room with a nude model. They have never painted cocks before, but all three of the cute chicks have fantasized about it. Maybe they will find their calling once the model shows what he is packing! The lucky stud sits in a chair and lets the hot artists examine his body. They start to paint, but they cannot take their eyes off his meaty dong. It is like the rest of his body is not even there! Looks like these girls are more pervy than they are artistic! But who knows, maybe with a little hands on education, they will be able to figure out exactly how they want to approach making art out of this guys big boner. Jewelz is the sexual instigator. She suggests to her besties that one of them suck his stiff dick. They are all super hyped on the idea, and they nominate Jewelz to be the one to do it! She seduces the lucky guy, slurping his meat stick eagerly as her besties watch in amazement. Finally, they join, sharing the models dick as they cover it in their spit. Then, they strip down and paint on each others bodies while our stud shoves his big prick inside each of their tight pussies. He fucks them from every angle, making them moan orgasmically as he works in their young coochies. Then he paints their faces with some of his hot cum! Maybe he was the artist all along... Absolutely irresistible schoolgirl Natalie Porkman is super excited to get into her lab coat with her besties, Aria Skye and Riley Grey. The nerdy nubiles sharpen their chemistry skills by mixing some strange concoctions when our stud shows up curious about their nasty experiment. The girls reveal they have come up with a potion that will create a four hour erection! They apply it to the lucky guys boner and share his prick, sucking and slobbering on it before taking turns enjoying cunt filling cock rides. Then, they tease a beakers worth of cum from his stiff wood. Turns out the potion works after all! When sexy besties Avery Cristy, Jenna Ross, and Charlotte Sins plan a lovely getaway, they settle in and strip down to enjoy the relaxing warmth of the jacuzzi in the backyard. But when they discover the owners of the house they rented have double booked the place, they are distraught. Luckily, the other guest is down to share the place because the girls are just so hot. He yanks his girthy penis out for the babes to enjoy, and they suck and slobber like they have been dreaming of an orgy for weeks! Then, he pulverizes their hot bestie cunts and shoots a big stream of jizz on them. What a great vacation...

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