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Cam is the lamb to Mike Panic's shepherd, and it's time for them to be sheared...theyve been building up to shaving their head for a long time now...and when they finally found the courage, they decided it needed to be documented in the appropriate manner. First, Mike spends some time using Cams mouth - making sure to run his fingers through their hair a few last times before it's all gone. Mike then bends Cam over his lap, giving their ass (and other holes) some attention. After that, Cam sits in front of him so he can buzz their hair off, Mike taking his time with each pass of the clippers so the two of them can savor every moment. Once Cam's hair is all gone, they fuck in several positions so Mike can enjoy various views of Cam's newly shorn head. Cam cums intensely multiple times, especially while Mike is fucking them on their back. In the end Cam sucks Mike's cock until he cums all over their smiling, giddy face.

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