Sexual Fantasies 12

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Call Me Mistress: By day Bella is a quiet, unassuming person most people rarely notice. In fact, it's as though she isn't even there. But underestimate her at your own peril. Beneath her soft-spoken exterior lies a powerful dom ready to put you in your place. Dirty Laundry: Busty Ella Knox is doing her laundry at the public laundromat and Seth Gamble can't help but size her up! Young Ella bends over to take her laundry out of the dryer and her tits peek out of the tiny, cropped-top she's wearing. Seth can't help but bite his lip and hope he gets a chance to talk to this amazing goddess. The chance comes when adorable Ella drops a pair of lacy, blue panties on the floor and Seth returns them with a smile. As a finder's fee, Ella rewards Seth with the perfect way to pass the time ? she fucks him right there on top of the laundromat table! Sleepless: Talia Mint, a sufferer of insomnia, can't stand the boredom of long, restless nights. When she goes to get a glass of water she bumps into her roommate, who, it turns out, is also having a restless night. There are hours left until sunrise, and they don't have anything to do, but each other. I've Wanted You For A Long Time: Ricky Johnson and his girlfriend are in bed when gorgeous Vicki Chase asks to use their shower ? her shower is broken and she can't wait to lather up her perfect body. After her shower, amazing Vicki spots Ricky in bed and she gets an idea. His girlfriend has left for work and sexy Vicki has always wondered what it would be like to have sex with her roommate's boyfriend! Ricky can't say no to dark-haired Vicki and soon he is deep inside her incredible pussy. From Every Angle: Amazing Abella Danger is lounging in gorgeous, blue lingerie ? she feeds herself grapes as she fantasizes about Manuel's arrival. Mirrors surround blonde Abella, reflecting her incredible body and showing off every part of her. Sexy Abella is thrilled when Manuel finally shows up and eagerly strokes and sucks on his big, hard cock. Manuel returns the favor and has Abella shaking and calling out his name as she cums. These two are a perfect match and there is nothing more satisfying than getting to watch them from every angle!

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