SexPOV 28

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**You will make yourself useful.** Here you are as usual, on the couch. I'm fed up with heading out to work day after day and seeing you here like this is a resort. When I married your father I thought he made enough money to provide for all of us but I was wrong. I was also wrong about him being able to satisfy my sexual needs year after year. You're of legal age and I've decided if you are going to get a job to contribute to this household, you are going to contribute in other ways. A happy step mom equals a happy household. **We should have our fun.** This is a weird situation, knowing our significant others are cheating on us with each other! I don't know what to make of it really. Actually, I do know what to make of it. I know I find you attractive and by the stirring happening in your pants, you find me attractive as well. We should take advantage of this time alone and have a little fun of our own. **I wont be a bad girl again.** I own up to being a bad girl for looking at your phone without your permission. You give me such good dick I went a little crazy with jealousy. I've been thinking all day what a bad thing it was that I did and I'm ready to make it up to you. Do you like the lingerie I picked out especially for our make up sex? Please don't make me beg too much for your forgiveness. Lets not waste my mouth on words. Stuff my pretty little mouth with that fat cock of yours and let me show you what a good girl I can be but don't forget to spank me like the bad girl I was. **I've been wanting you all day.** I know how much you like blue so I put this lace outfit on just for you. You like me to wear blue because it matches my eyes. I know how much you like to run your hands up my legs and wore these nude stockings so you can feel the silky sensation on your hands. Keep rubbing past my legs as I roll over for you so you can caress this ass that you desire so much. I feel like such a little girl with your big strong hands rubbing all over my body. Kiss my ass cheeks with your soft lips babe. I love your hot breathe on my soft spot in between my legs. Make my pussy wet with your mouth so I can take all of your cock into me. I love the way you eat me out. You know exactly what I like. I'm aching to have you inside me. Oh gawd yes, go nice and slow for a little while so I can feel every inch of you sliding inside me. You know if you fuck me doggie style I will cum all over your cock. You want to make me cum? I want it. Oh yes, like that! Harder and faster! Cum with me! Leave your cum deep inside me please! Oh!!! I felt you explode inside me! It was so good to see you again.

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