Sex with Nina Nova

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I'm so glad Nina Nova was able to make it over for a While hanging out she tells me that she has an exciting date tomorrow, but she's worried that her blowjob technique isn't up to par. Nina confides that she struggles with deepthroating, and doesnt want to be embarrassed. Like a good friend, I offer to help her out! Nina sucks my dick and I encourage her to see how far down she can get her lips. She gags as she deepthroats my hard cock. We kiss and she lays on her back. I slowly slide inside her before gaining speed and fucking her hard and deep. Nina moans and cums as I fuck her. We move to doggystyle where I pound her from behind and make her ass jiggle. After a hard fucking in doggy I lay on my back and Nina gets on top, bouncing her ass up and down as she rides my cock. At the end we move back to missionary until I'm ready to cum, when I pull out and spurt all over her chest. I'm pretty sure shell do great on her date tomorrow. Question is, will he be able to fuck her this well?

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