Sean Michaels' Rocks That Ass 5

Sorti à: 23 août 2000 de Pleasure Productions
As always, I seek out the finest, round, bubble butt babes, willin' and very able to spread their **Sweet Cheeks** for the **TAKIN'**. First, **Barett** gets her **Heart-Shaped Ass Spanked Red** by **Master Michaels** for her dirty talk, **Bronze Gets Penetrated, Anastasia and Alana** try to get **Agent Sean Bond**, **Lee** gets her **Wake up Call**. And in her first scene ever, **Miss Kitty** needs a personal trainer and **French Bombshell Gina Vice** has **Just The Right Workout!!**... and all these **Anal Nymphs** have **Great Feet**! Enjoy! Keep watchin'. No color lines, hope ya "Feelin' me." Peace. SM

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Lee Ann

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