Schoolgirl Affairs

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It must be difficult for male teachers with students who are just reaching the age of sexual awakening. Seeing these pretty young things pass thru the halls wearing very short skirts revealing soft smooth legs leading to... well, how does one keep his dick in his pants... or does he?! Sylvia (Buntarka) is in love with her teacher, Mr. (Kristof) Cale, but he knows he can't go there... unless this hot young blonde can keep a secret! Candee (Licious) is getting ready to train when Professor (Thomas) Stone arrives to talk about her grades. She knows that she's failing, but she also knows his weakness... and it's in his pants! Professor Totti is having an affair with his student, Isabella (de Laa) but they only have one hour to fool around because that's how long his wife (Angel Blade) will be gone from the house. Off with the pleated plaid skirt! Geisha (Kyd) meets with her teacher, Mr. (David) Perry. She's failing and may be kicked out of class. But Geisha offers a deal that will help her teacher forget about her very, very bad grades by focusing on her very, very sweet, tight pussy!

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