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The epic struggle between good and evil takes on a new twist as Satania (Jeanette Littledove) decides to turn a decent man to decadence. She makes a bet with a rival angel that she can turn him into a sex-crazed animal within seven days. When he takes the bet, she shows that hard bodies and sweaty trysts are a better temptation than apples any day. But will her lessons in lust take hold, or is he really a nice guy at heart after all? The answers are all contained within this searing sexvid treat. Buck Adams is great as the guy who's at the center of all this temptation, letting Jeanette's sensual spell drive him into a frenzy of lust. Buck's pair of trysts with Tiffany Blake scorch the screen with unfettered eroticism, as his bad-boy persona takes over and he finds himself unable to control his most debauched desires. And when he becomes the manager of Club Satania, all bets are off. The club is a private passion pit where a perpetual orgy rages night and day, and where Buck can experience every shade of sexual satisfaction. In the end, Buck has to decide between a lifetime of pure gratification or a normal life as a married man. With Satania's help, he ends up having his carnal cake and eating it, too! Fast-paced, freaky fun featuring some truly tantalizing talents!

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