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**2011 Feminist Porn Award Nominee** Greetings from Toronto! I was in town for the Feminist Porn Awards and of course brought my camera! Hot to see Judy Minx again, I headed to her room for a quickie which escalated into an all-night love affair full of perversions and queer femme fetishes! River Turner led Jiz Lee & Drew DeVeaux in a dance routine which turned into a three-way genderqueer fuckfest. April Flores called an escort service for a gorgeous, leggy, brunette femme _ and the lovely Dylan Ryan obliged with a hard steel Njoy Eleven sex toy ready to serve April's soft, sexy body. Lascivia Liberty and Scout fucked in a sunny, hot pink bedroom with lots of toys and orgasms, anal, and kink! This was one wet ride with ejaculation in every scene! I hope you enjoy these hot, diverse, hardcore vignettes proving once again that hot queers can be found anywhere and everywhere... will your town be next? xoxo, Courtney Trouble

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