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Pantera is a really pretty girl from Russia. She's very lean and tight and always has a big smile on her face. This is a happy and horny babe, making her video debut! While she has never done anal before, she does shove a vibrator up her sweet ass while getting fucked, in a sort of double penetration. Very cool! This is Temptation's 1st-time on camera and she is a bit nervous. This Southern California tight-ass features a great butt that hangs out of her jean shorts. Very hot! She doesn't have a whole lot of sexual experience, but is eager to learn. And she likes it vigorous and gets it that way. It ends up turning into a great scene! 18 year old Mary still has a little baby fat on her, but it only makes her that much more fuckable. She's got this big-butt thing going on and it sure looks great when she gets on top and starts grinding. She also loves doggie-style and uses lots of toys to make it better. Another honrdog for your viewing pleasure. Sweet Andrea turned 18 the day before we shot her scene, in Sao Paolo, Brazil. It's hard to tell if she has had much sex before, but she sure gets into it here. Andrea loves to look into the camera and show us her passion. She also gets down with the pocket-vibrator. A very interesting 1st video!

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