Puritan Video Magazine 36

Sorti à: 7 mars 2002 de Pleasure Productions
One of the most outrageously hot, and yet most rare, things that I can think of as far as adult entertainment is concerned is identical twins acting in the same scene. Puritan's got it right here in the thirty-sixth issue of their video magazine! Here's a scene-by-scene breakdown. Schoolgirl Scarlet: Scarlet, a cute blonde with natural boobs, gets a "special education" from Bob, complete with a facial. Double Your Pleasure: Melissa gets thoroughly D.P.ed, with a double facial cumshot to top it off. After School Special: Misha gets a hot load on her natural tits after a hard day of classes. Don't forget a little shower masturbation. Public Lewdness: Sasha has an exhibitionist fuckfest outside of the school. Professor Hardcock: Identical twins, Misha and Sasha, team up on their professor for some special tutoring. They work him over hard for their grade ... "A" for AWESOME!

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