Older And Bolder (Television X)

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The older they get, the filthier they get! Check out a host of horny oldsters who are far from shy and retiring in the XXX-rated feast of mature magnificence that is Older and Bolder! We've scoured the country to bring you 100% genuine amateurs whose sex drives have gone into overdrive despite their advancing years. Some may be ready for their bus pass, but they prefer to ride big cocks and vibrators! With age comes experience, and these well-preserved harlots know just how to coax a sweet tune out of a pink oboe. Take short-haired blonde Tina, who is looking great for 48 years young and reckons that she is shagging better than ever. She also thinks her pussy is getting tighter, and when Belgian bonker Pascal gets stuck in, he agrees! Tina is just one of the many mature mommas you'll meet here, all of whom are literally gagging for it - and we're not talking about their pension pots! Yes, if older women get your motor running, Older and Bolder should oil up your dipstick nicely.

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Libby Ellis

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Tracey Lain

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