Nadia Ali 2

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Nadia Ali loves her new job, the work is easy and her co workers are great. But the best part is she gets to bang boss Rodney once a week and today's the day. Not only does he have a huge cock, he also licks her pussy and butt hole, something her boyfriend just won't do. Today she gets up on her desk, ass in air, waiting for the boss to come it. When he does, Rodney buries his face deep between her cheeks before ramming his rod in her tight pussy. They move into her office where she sucks his cock and fondles his balls. He sucks on her pretty toes then goes back to banging her tight hole hard. Finally, he completely hoses her face down in spunk but there's still work to do. So she goes back to work, naked, with gallons of goo dripping of her lips.

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