Nadia Ali

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**"Back Room Baller "** featuring Nadia Ali & Rodney Moore - Rodney's auditioning a new stripper for his club today, the sexy and exotic, Nadia Ali. She works her magic on the pole, shaking her curvy ass like a true professional. When she takes off her top, you see she's got an ample rack and a tiny waist. Rodney's certainly impressed and hires her immediately. However he of course has to initiate her into the ways of the back room. She does a private dance for him while he starts masturbating. In the backroom, she's even aloud to help out by fondling her customers' balls or sucking their cocks. She expertly demonstrates her blow job skills on Rodney. Rodney explains that some customers may want to rub their dicks on her nice wet pussy. So she lets him, and as he rubshis dick on her juicy pussy, it starts to slide in. Just the head at first, but then he starts plunging his shaft deep itnto that tight pussy. Rodney get's her on all fours for some hot doggy style then Nadia hops on top to work his pole good. But the fun doesn't stop there, Rodney dives in and gives her a good licking, and Nadia returns the favor by sucking his balls. Then Rodney sticks histongue deep in her ass, sucks on her toes, and tops her off with a huge load of creamy goo all over her face!

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