Mr. Beaver Checks In #3

Sorti à: 23 octobre 2001 de Hustler
World's Dirtiest Salesman! Mr. Beaver may be a businessman, but he's not stiff. That is, until his stiffy stands at attention and compels him to chase skirt. Of course, nothing's easy for Hustler's favorite globetrotting pervert and the pursuit of cooze is no exception. Before Mr. Beaver can poke foreign poontang, he's subjected to a hilarious stream of embarrassments, humiliations and accidents. Luckily, every dog has his day, and Mr. Beaver, no matter how much shit he has to cope with, always snags his share of pussy. Join Frank Thring for Mr. Beaver Checks In #3, a blend of XXX action and low-brow laughs that will tickly your funny boner.

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