Love Scenes #4

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Volume No. 4 in the Award Winning 'Love Scenes' series. Five more romantic, passionate stories featuring totally naked, 'drop dead gorgeous' men romancing the beautiful women of their dreams. Here's almost two hours of foreplay fantasies created especially for the needs and desires of women, yet perfect entertainment for couples and uninhibited men. **'Semester Break'** - Handsome, long blond-haired, Playgirl Centerfold and Cover model Damien Lee is on a Florida beach playing volleyball with his friends when Michelle and her business associate come by to watch. After a few more chance meetings, Michelle secretly goes to the Bay Club to watch Damien's very erotic dance act. He sees her in the audience, pays special attention to her, they meet afterward for a moonlit walk on the beach, and soon a relationship begins to build. A naked dip in the ocean is followed by a candlelit bath, which leads to a wonderfully passionate night of bare fun and games in Michelle's bed. (Stars DAMIEN LEE and EILEEN SMITH.) **'Foreign Service' **- Maureen goes to lunch and is served by her favorite hunky French waiter. She signs the check and forgets her credit card. Andre stops by her home to return the card. She wants to learn how to rollerblade, so they make a rolling date and then later take a hike in the hills. Of course, hiking gets them dirty, so they retire to Maureen's beautiful glass block shower for a little clean up. She pushes handsome Andre into the shower while he still wears his Calvin's. He pulls her in, too. Slowly they strip each other of their wet undergarments and then there's a very amorous, sexy, hot and steamy love romp. (Stars ANDRE LEMAY and KRYSTAL KRUG.) **'Mediterranean Holiday'** - Paolo is a young, olive skinned, hot blooded writer. He's sold a screenplay for enough money to leave his Ivy League school and have a beautiful home in Portugal. Juliana's traveling girlfriend fell in love and left her to end her summer holiday all alone. She finds Paolo on a country road, out of gas. She helps him and sees his home in the process. Juliana has the perfect cure for writer's block. They have a fun filled romp through the beautiful home, trying out the Jacuzzi and the big four poster bed. It will be enough to make your senses ignite as you watch their completely bare, lusty, beautifully photographed passion play. (Stars male supermodel PAOLO DASILVA and MICHELLE BARRY.) **'Moving Experiences'** - Laurel has just ended a thirteen year marriage. She asked her brother to move in her new living room set. Brother Larry gets Scott, a young workout buddy from the gym to help. When they've finished there's a lot of wrestling and tomfoolery between the two handsome men, and they end up in the pool in their underwear. Laurel's brother has to leave but... while Scott's clothes dry... they make pasta in the kitchen. There's some amateur tennis, a swim in the pool that becomes very steamy and naked, and a very wild playtime in the kitchen with watermelon, whipped cream, strawberries, Jello, a hot dog bun(with Scott as the hot dog), catsup and mustard. Then the two enjoy each other on the big fur rug in front of the roaring fire. It's a perfect older woman/younger man scenario. (Stars SKYLAR HOLT and TONI MARIA with SAM MASARANI as the older brother.)

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