Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls Vol. 17

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Even though Caitlin isn't Aria's step-mom any longer, she came by to visit. Aria sensed there was tension between the two of them. As Caitlin was getting undressed, Caitlin asked what she needed. Aria made her moves by kissing her and they landed on the bed. Kendra was in search, after her divorce, for a responsible roommate and Clara was perfect in every way. Reagan helps Mackenzie get her own place. Mackenzie confesses her true feeling for her moms friend. Age doesn't matter to Mackenzie nor does she need her mother's approval, she's an adult. The two smile at one another and begin to kiss. Bunny can't help herself with being attracted to her step-daughter's best friend Demi. Bunny finds out soon enough it's mutual.

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