Jayden Lee

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"First Date Goo" featuring Jayden Lee, & Rodney Moore - Rodney's date tonight is stunningly beautiful Jayden Lee. Dinner was great but when they go back to her place to watch a movie, Rodney can't keep his hands off of her giant tits. She tells him time and time again to knock it off until she's finally had enough and asks him to leave. He stops for a potty break on the way out the door but he's in there for an awfully long time. Jayden checks in on him and to her horror, finds him masturbating right there in her bathroom!! He promises he's almost done then he'll leave. He begs her to fondle his balls so he'll finish faster. She stubbornly agrees and it doesn't take long until some gentle caressing turns in to a vigorous, enthusiastic blow job. Then it's Rodney's turn to plunge his tongue deep in her tight little twat and ass hole. Soon this shy little babe is begging for Rodney's stiff prick. He plowsher Asian pussy hard but just can't keep his tongue way from her delicious love box. They go back and forth fucking and suckingeach other voraciously. Rodney feeds her hungry little mouth a heaping serving of frothy white goo. She dribbles the juice down onto her giant juggs. It turned out to be a pretty sweet first date after all!

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