Inserted Vol. 4

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Zerella bought a cute little cow costume. Now all she needs to do is sneak a playdate into her room without her step-daddy knowing, so she can taste that cock "milk". She gets to put that piece of meat in her mouth, pussy, and even uses her feet! Octavia is being so daring. With her daddy in the other room, she has her playmate over to finally show off everything she's got under her clothes. Her tits are perfect and her sweet pink box is ready for her first time taking cock...and a creampie! Laney just knew today would be the day she would take her first cock insertion! She put on her best outfit and even did her makeup so she would look her best for her new friend. Her Daddy was right next door, but that didn't stop her from getting that hard dick deep inside her pussy and mouth. Cute and sweet Harley is really a bad girl at heart when she spreads her legs and opens her mouth for a big dick. She may look innocent, but this Daddy's girl knows what she wants and she wants to be fucked, even when her daddy is right next door!

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Octavia Red

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Harley King