Girls' Dormitory

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These six gorgeous 19 year old students have a great thirst for knowledge - they want to learn the secrets of pleasure in all its forms. This year will be the year of discoveries. Some students give themselves up to group sex with their teacher, whereas others prefer to have fun together and give each other lesbian orgasms... Even the harsh female principal thinks only of climaxing! This is the boarding school of debauchery. These two charming students have long fantasized about the young music teacher. Today, their fantasy will become real, and they will discover the joy of group pleasure and the anal orgasm...While students are out having fun, the principal takes the opportunity to go and sniff the students' little panties while masturbating. Caught in the act by two teachers, this experienced pervert will offer them her two extraordinary orifices at the same time, a spectacular double penetration. As for Emy, it is with her Science teacher that she is about to discover the pleasures of wild sodomy. Her teacher's big dick will open the door to a pleasure she never dreamed existed.

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Abbie Cat

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