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After a few years of trying to make a name for herself in the city, Mandy (Abella Danger) returns to the trailer park where she grew up. Upon her arrival, she reunites with her best friend Mel (Kristen Scott) and it's clear the two have a very meaningful friendship, verging on more. When Daisy (Reagan Foxx), Mel's religious, conservative mother, catches the girls fooling around, she freaks out and accuses Mandy of corrupting her innocent daughter. Daisy tells MAndy that if she so much as looks at Mel ever again, Daisy will make sure her daughter never gets the opportunity to leave the trailer park so long as she lives. Mandy decides to leave the trailer park for the sake of her best friend's future, but when she hitches a ride into town with Dale (Scott Nails), Mel's absent, deadbeat father, seh concocts a plan to spring her friend from their dead-end hometown for good.

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