Dude, Let's Fuck My Stepmom

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Maxine X presents a sexy tantalizing taboo trilogy. The first scene, "Seducing my stepson and his friend while hubby is always hot taboo". where Maxine's stepson and friend fuck all her holes during the hockey game while her husband is away. Then, Maxine teaches step daughters how to fuck a girl with a strap-on. In this three girl romp, Nyssa Nevers and Maxine show Natasha Ty how to satifsy another girl. In the final stanza the taboo sex gets really kinky as Maxine teaches her stepson to perform anal and how to make a girl squirt. This is a lesson in anal sex, squirting and threesomes this stepson will never forget. No other asian milf does hardcore like Maxine X in her latest XXX feature you'll see why.

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Maxine X

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