Dirty Little Sex Brats Volume 2

Sorti à: 30 mai 2020 de Sunshine
The second edition of the series once again brings us a collection of shapely young sirens who demand that their men treat them as they expect. In other words, they take total control of their scenes and drive them forward with their naughty and needy demands for more. We start off with Shelbee Myne, dressed in a cute little teddy and talking about how her man thinks she should be more mature. Pat Myne soon walks into the room and shows what he means by that, with a delirious deep-dish booty basting that leaves nothing to chance. Gina Ryder and Jessica Jewel strut around in their tiny candy stripers outfits, playing an outcall nurse service that's been assigned to wash bedridden Kyle Stone. Needless to say, the gals take turns pleasing him in a voracious threeway tryst. Next, Dee reads her newspaper while hubby Rob Mariner tries to make her breakfast. She's not pleased with his culinary efforts, but when it comes to sex she's more than satisfied. The finale stars Alexandra Silk, who's still sporting one of the tightest bods in the business. Alexandra has Alec Metro clean her shoes -- with his tongue -- before delving into some steamy back door boffing. It's another rip-roaring outing for this steamy and exciting new series, one that you'll want to snatch up if you're into out-there sexual hi jinx.

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