Dirty Dating Service Vol. 3

Sorti à: 17 février 2005 de Wicked Pictures
Sydney interviews for a job. Seconds after filling out her application, she takes a Rodney Blast all over her face. But big boobed Kira ends up with the job,as well as the cum of all the male members she greets. Country boy frank gets his first experience with a black girl, and Champagne makes it unforgettable. Skinny Fred pairs off with big fat Shay, and Guy makes it a 3-way DP. Guy also goes the anal rout with busty Daphine. The adventure ends with Rodney sharing a jacuzzi and a Rodney Blast with Shay and Kira. This is some of Rodney Moore's earliest work. The Dirty Dating Series was developed by Rodney for Wicked Pictures with enough success to spur six delightful sequels. And of course, Rodney Moore gets to sample all of the girls charms.

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Rodney Moore

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Taliesin, Kira

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Frank Towers

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