Damsel In Distress 949 - Widow Stuffed And Robbed

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Jessica was a widow who lived alone. One day, while she was at work, a masked robber broke into her home. He was still there when she returned. Instead of panicking, the robber coolly crouched to the side of the front door before Jessica had a chance to enter. The moment she stepped inside, he sprung upon her from behind, trapping her slender body in his strong arms. Jessica's shocked scream was quickly cut short by the robber's hand clamping down over her mouth. As he lifted her clear off her feet, she frantically flailed her legs against the air in a desperate attempt to escape the attacker's clutches. Alas, the effort and the widow's own fear served only to weaken her with fatigue. It was easy then for the robber to carry Jessica into her bedroom, gag her, and bind her arms and legs together with a length of cord. Whatever further resistance she offered was more futile than ever now. There was no one to hear her muffled calls for help, and no amount of struggling could free her firmly tied-up limbs. In terror she awaited the robber's next move. It came soon enough. He started by mauling her tits through her dress; then he turned his attention to her pantiless pussy. After teasing it for a while with strokes and rubs, he inserted several fingers up to the knuckles. Jessica whimpered and shook her head at the violation. Briefly clearing the gag from her mouth, she told her attacker to hurry up and do what he had to do - then go. After teasing it for a while with strokes and rubs, he inserted several fingers up to the knuckles. The robber, however, continued taking his time. His free hand stroked Jessica's hair with mocking gentleness as he complimented her on how hot she was. He had already found plenty of valuables in her house. The widow was a very sexy bonus for him. Eventually he made her assume several positions as he continued to finger-fuck her. Against her will, Jessica's pussy became sopping wet in cock-readiness. The robber fully took its hint. Having pushed Jessica onto her back, he parted her legs, and eased his rigid man-meat into her. The widow groaned in despair and moaned with pleasure as her attacker pounded away.

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