Damsel In Distress 1001 - Denied!

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Jessica was a sexy bank manager. One day she had a meeting in her office with one of her customers - a man named Joe. It did not go very well at all. Joe wanted a large loan to aid his struggling boat business, but Jessica refused him. She had checked out his financial situation and decided he was not eligible according to the bank's guidelines. Joe was furious. He had been a loyal customer of the bank for years - always paying off his debts on time. Now he felt betrayed. It was all too much for him. Seething with rage, he cursed Jessica and promised to make her sorry. A slam of the door and he was gone. Jessica took the episode in her stride and soon forgot about it. When her working day was done, she tidied her files, locked up her office, and went out to her car. Little did she know that Joe was just then hiding behind the corner of a wall, spying on her. His experience of the day had pushed him to the brink. He was determined to take out his resentment on Jessica, and did not care what the consequences might be. Watching her bend to unlock the car door, he drank in the sight of her in her sexy outfit - the short skirt showing off her lovely long legs. It left him in no doubt about the kind of revenge he would like to take on her. A short while later, Jessica was sat at home, reading a magazine. Behind her appeared Joe. He had trailed her all the way from the office, and made his way in through a back door. Now he stealthily closed upon his innocent prey from behind. Suddenly he had one arm locked around her neck, the other holding down her arms. Jessica flinched with shock. She tried to call out, and struggled to break free - both in vain. Joe was too strong for her. He leaned close and told her of the punishment she was going to get for declining him a loan. Jessica quailed at the dangerous anger in his voice. She told him that she would do anything he wanted as long as he did not harm her. Joe then made her stand up and remove her panties. Jessica was indecisive with fear. He pushed her hard onto the sofa, wrestled her legs apart, and looked at her naked, exposed pussy. He fingered and rubbed it for a moment, then ordered Jessica to play with her herself. The distressed woman had no choice by to obey. In the meantime, Joe pulled out his cock and began stroking it while he watched her. Jessica tried to discourage Joe by telling him of the trouble he was getting himself into. Joe response was to hurl a few insults at her and demand she take off her top. No longer was Jessica the picture of an accomplished bank manager; she was a helpless woman in nothing but a bra. Joe gripped her by the hair and made her suck his cock. Jessica closed her eyes and endured it as best she could. Her mouth was stretched wide by the meat's thickness. Due to Joe's relentless pulling, she had to suck right down to the balls again and again - often choking in the process. The ordeal went on for a long time. Jessica tried hard to please Joe and keep him from becoming aggressively impatient. She played with his balls and sucked them, licked his shaft up and down and all over, deftly tongued his cock-head and sucked him as sensually as she could manage. By the end of it she was breathless.

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