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Devious. My wife Evelyn is a little blonde vixen and she gets around. She thinks I'm clueless as I watch her making out with her lover before going into his house. I call her, just to see where she'll say she is - she lies of course - saying she is consoling a girlfriend. So I stormed in on her sucking this guy's cock. She doesn't even try to make excuses. I inspected her pussy and she got wet from giving him a blowjob. Horny little slut. I slam her face down on his cock, she gags it down her throat - her pussy gets wetter with every thrust. He starts fucking my wife while I slap her face & pinch her tits, she loves it. He drills her pussy from behind and I play with her asshole. She makes herself cum bouncing her tight pussy on his cock and then takes his load in her mouth. I love this game, can't wait to catch her cheating again!

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