Boys Don't Last

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Lou is a tough girl to please and her minute-boy partners just can't hang with this bad bitch. She craves for something long & hard... longer than 30 seconds to 1 minute! Enter her stepdad Rich, who came by to run some errands. Lou uses the opportunity to pick his brain about men and their stamina. Rich is a little uncomfortable but tries to hear her out. The more he listens, the more Lou leaks and ends up telling Rich that she'd like him to fuck her. Her own stepfather! After she promises not to tell her mother, Rich is convinced & Lou unleashes her teen tits. Rich dove right in to eat her tempting young muff. Lou is excited for her stepfather's fat cock and hopes he can last; Rich does not disappoint! He blows her back out as he pounds her tight hole hard. Lou's little pussy got thoroughly stretched from her stepdad's thick member. Lou couldn't help but have multiple orgasms as she got railed by her mother's husband. Rich even got his stepdaughter to lick all her lady cum off his cock. He slammed her teen hole one more time and nutted deep inside his stepdaughter. Lou's pussy is left dripping and pulsing, thoroughly satisfied by her stepdad's big cock and bigger stamina!

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