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2022 AVN Award Winner for Best Gonzo Series Jessie is no angel. Can you guess what she's about to do? If you guessed picking up a stranger at the hotel pool for a night of fiery hot sex, well... you don't know the half of it. Should she or shouldn't she? Violet doesn't normally go home with strangers, but her dance card is empty, his place is so close, and his dick is so big she doesn't know if she can handle it. But she wants to find out... Pretty in pink and dolled up for a sexy night of trouble, Mona met a guy at the club who measures up to her fantasies. She's so excited to live out her dreams tonight that she can't keep her hands off herself. It's that time of year, when girls like Violet and Alina get all dressed up for a night on the prowl. The men they like have fat wallets and silver tongues, so when a smooth operator rolls up on them, they end up being the ones trying to lure him in for some action.

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Scène1: 00:00:36 - 00:34:40 (34:04)


Jessie Saint

Scène2: 00:35:24 - 01:16:30 (41:06)


Violet Myers

Scène3: 01:17:11 - 01:52:22 (35:11)


Mona Azar

Scène4: 01:53:05 - 02:35:34 (42:29)