Big Ass Crackers

Sorti à: 9 juin 2010 de Evil Angel - John Leslie
**2011 AVN Award Nominee for Best Big Butt Release.** For "Big Ass Crackers," director John Leslie has assembled a stellar cast of lovelies both lustable and lustful. Mr. Leslie's camera and the girls' studs pay special attention to their prominent, comely rumps... In each of four luxuriously lensed scenes, the girls get their asses greased up to glossy slickness so their cheeks and cracks can cradle cocks for deep massages that look striking on screen.

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Scène1: 00:03:40 - 00:44:02 (40:22)

Scène2: 00:44:03 - 01:24:15 (40:12)

Scène3: 01:24:16 - 02:08:35 (44:19)

Scène4: 02:08:36 - 02:41:58 (33:22)