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Hardcore fans of Playboy Playmate and Penthouse Centerfold Mistress Victoria Zdrok - your dream has come true! Collected from "The Spy Who Smothered Me", "Undercover Smother", "From Russia with Ass" and "For Your Ass Only", these are the very best face-sitting scenes of this gorgeous blonde, big-tittied goddess. **Part 1:** Mistress Victoria catches fellow spy Adam Shame going through her drawers and confronts him into a SMOTHER CONFESSION!! She pins him down on the couch for some hot JEANS FACESITTING then throws him to the floor DEMANDING he confesses to espionage, but Mr. Shame decides to keep his mouth closed, and Mistress Victoria assists him by Sitting on his face! She drags him to a chair and SMOTHERS him with her FULL WEIGHT until he begins to talk, which only infuriates Victoria more, so she undresses and SMOTHERS him with her breasts, teasing him and tormenting him while he struggles for air! Victoria SLAPS HIS FACE REPEATEDLY, trying to obtain a full confession, but Adam will not give in_yet! Victoria drags him to the bed and continues to NUDE FACESIT him, forward and reverse positions, rubbing her pussy while sitting on his face. She then walks directly into your living room and begins to SMOTHER YOU for at least 8 minutes, telling you to confess, telling you to WORSHIP HER ASS, KISS IT and LICK IT as she comes straight down onto the camera!! She gives you a COUNTDOWN TO ORGASM and you better do it or she will SMOTHER YOU TIL YOU CONFESS! After she finally gets a confession from her new slave, she decides it's time to have him KISS HER ASS and worship it! She sticks his head in between her cheeks and makes him kiss her ass and cherish and adore it! At times during this video Victoria looks into the camera while she's face-sitting the slave and the look in her eyes and on her face will send CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE! **Part 2:** Mistress Victoria catches a stranger in her room, smelling her panties. She SMOTHERS him into submission, staying on his face for an eternity, laughing as he squirms under her hot pussy! TOTALLY NUDE FULL WEIGHT FACESITTING for Extended periods of time! Victoria spreads her ass cheeks apart and shoves his nose DEEP into her ass crack and pussy! Victoria TIT SMOTHERS and FACESITS him and until she has a POWERFUL ORGASM by masturbating on him! She HANDCUFFS him, lies his face down onto a chair sits and SMOTHERS him FULLY NUDE for at least 2 minutes at a time. Great close-ups of her ass and pussy bouncing on his face! In an extended Point of View scene, Victoria looks down at you and you can IMAGINE she is smothering YOUR face as she commands you to WORSHIP HER ASS! She spreads her cheeks and tells you to stick your tongue into her ass and that she is going to turn you into her ass slave and you'll be worshipping her ass every day! Victoria commands the slave to WORSHIP HER ASS, and shoves his head deep into her ass. **Part 3:** Mistress Victoria is babysitting her friends' brother Adam, who has an uncanny ability to upset her by tickling her feet. To discipline this bratty wimp she begins to SMOTHER him with her ASS and sit on his face until he behaves!! Extended FACESITTING and ASS WORSHIP Point of Views stand out in this HOT EROTIC VIDEO which will keep you watching scene after scene in slow motion! Victoria takes Adam to the floor and uses her entire body to smother him, stretching out her legs and using his face to ORGASM!! She tells him "I might as well make use out of you, and turn you into a REAL MAN" as she SMOTHERS him forward and reverse. Victoria grabs Adam by the hair and leads him to the bed for more EXTENDED FULL WEIGHT FACESITTING action. Look at her facial expressions of ecstasy and LISTEN to her MOANING as she rubs her pussy and ass on his face. A Big surprises occurs next_she tells YOU to get down on your knees and WORSHIP HER ASS, telling you to stick your tongue deep into her ass and telling you to CUM ON HER COMMAND! This scene will blow your mind (and your wad!)!!! She continually dominates Adam by SLAPPING HIS FACE REPEATEDLY, making him confess to being a wimp and confess how he loves being dominated by her. Finally, in the end, she makes him WORSHIP her ass, kissing it and licking it until she is satisfied and then makes him lie on the floor to be her HUMAN FOOTSTOOL! **Part 4:** Mistress Victoria is testing her new slave's breath holding abilities and sits on his face with her FULL WEIGHT and begins timing how long he can hold his breath She undresses and begins NUDE FACESITTING rubbing her clit moaning louder and louder...GREAT CLOSEUPS of Victoria's pussy while on his face! Victoria then moves the slave to the floor and then spreads her legs apart and sits on him with all her weight in forward and reverse positions, smothering him with her pussy and ass. In an extended Point of View, Victoria stands above YOUR Face and commands you to worship her ass, kiss it and lick it wherever she points her finger. Look up and see her beautiful ass and pussy coming down and IMAGINE it's YOU being smothered! Incredible ASS WORSHIP when she shoves his face DEEP into her ass! Victoria moans as she shoves his face deeper and deeper into her ass. She begins to dance with his face buried into her ass, gyrating her hips while smothering him! Great camera angles show her pussy and ass from the slave's perspective. She begins to MOAN LOUDER AND LOUDER until she has a POWERFUL ORGASM! Finally, she makes the slave sit up against the wall and uses his face as HUMAN FURNITURE as she leans on his face while buried deep into her ass!

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