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Tommy King gets oiled up for some anal! She preps her ass hole for Dredd with a huge dildo out by the pool. This girls ass is heaven. Dredd makes sure all her sex holes get satisfied! This is how you do an anal work out session by the pool side. Sweet little Colombian, Summer Col performs some true anal sourcery in this scene from The primo event begins with Summer Col outdoors. She's adorned in a neon pink stretch garment laden with large holes. The lunar like ensemble was made to cradle her worshable ass. As she mesmerizes Jules Jordan you can hear a helicopter. With perfect timing he says "Police on the lookout for fat booty". You don't need to be a detective to know she has the goods. The giggly cutie patootie with the meat market ass teases Jordan's camera. After her stellar display she strolls to a happy as can be Zac Wild. He immediately breaks out oil to give her cheeks the proper shellacking they deserve. Jordan says "Can already tell this is going to be a great day...". Summer Col says to Zac before giving him an AAABJ (triple A blow job) "You're so hard already". She masterfully weaves incredibly long webs of slobber after ingesting his brawny spear. We get treated to some outdoor doggy that emphasizes Summer's muscular cheeks. After the doggy delight the couple move indoors. The always smiling Summer let's Zac fill her ass up with a butt plug. It's one snug fit that Wild leaves in place as he fucks Summer Col in cowgirl. Jules instructs her to put the toy in her mouth. She obliges between some upper notes. Jules says "There's some serious meat back here" as he directs the camera on her divine derriere. Next Summer asks Jordan "You want to see something?". The sparkplug inserts her entire hand into her ass. Her thick glutes consuming up to her wrist. The visual stuns as Zac proceeds to fuck Summer as she puppets herself... More optical amazement when Wild forms an "ass pastry" out of a side saddled Summer Col. The layers of her cheeks as he pounds her booty create big league dessert visuals. The anal virtuosity ends with the sneakily adorable Summer feeding on Wild's fuck frosting. Katalina Kyle stars in a first time double-penetration that goes full throttle. Kyle's wearing a rainbow leopard print bikini that was simply made for her explosive T&A. Jordan has Katalina scale a stairway so fans can understand the full girth involved in this endeavor. At the top she pulls a directed tit drop that surely showed up at the California Seismic Network. Jules notes "you're so good at tit juggling" then leads her to taste them with a "one of my favorite things you do is lick your own nipples". He somehow breaks out of a boob induced trance then focuses on her ass. He says "booty fans better rejoice right here", Hallelujah... The always smiling Katalina says "I think I want to get double stuffed" so the fully-stacked ready for action blonde heads indoors. The cock hungry Kyle immediately starts sucking dick inside. She two-hands cock and says "I got two dicks to play with today" while her immense melons mesmerize. Katalina's frame was made to watch in doggy, wisely that's where the fucking begins. Kyle sucks Holmes' dick as her ass is triple spanked by Jules. When Katalina is riding Holmes in cowgirl he prepares Kyle for her first time dual-plugging. He asks "would you like to present your asshole to Jules Jordan?". She does. The mechanical moment commences and Kyle sounds off. At one point she barely utters "I love taking two dicks". The defiling continues in missionary while we hear "making those holes super slutty" from Katalina. The action returns to a round of cowgirl. Kyle's butt cheeks flailing. She drops to her knees and Jordan drizzles a load of sex silicone onto Katalina's face. While frosted Holmes jams his cock down her throat so she can swallow his load as well. Luna Legend's first Anal! This girls ASS is phenomenal! Luna Legend has her ASS fucked in every position. This girl is very naughty, she goes ASS to Mouth. Jules saves the best for last, with a facial blast. Jules Jordan gets Abella Danger's ass poolside in this booty bonanza that blinds. The scene fades in on a folded Abella applying copious amounts of oil to her grand gluteus (By the way, it's a shame somehow that Abella's ass is so spectacular. It can cause you to forget that she has tremendous, perky natural tits and a sly, fresh face). The neon green nets and string thong are loud but can't compete with that Danger donka-donk. Once her ass is fully sheened, Jules has Abella begin a booty procession along the pool that is totally upper-crust. There are few equipped to match the tear and dick jerking sight. Arched with buns protruding, even Jordan taps and says "I have to sample that real quick". He plants his member into a standing Abella and pumps. Jules has the wherewithal to pause and proceed to a big, round lounger. Danger consumes his cock, she's able to swallow it while keeping her tongue on the shaft. Abella then rides Jordan until he's ready to "make that butthole glisten". He grabs some lube and drizzles it. After some missionary anal, Jules folds Danger's legs over producing something worth conquering. He humps Abella furiously then has her get on all fours. Her prodigious ass sits like a monument. Jordan arrives from behind and begins to churn Danger's glorious rump. He then does single plunges until Danger's asshole is creating little gapes

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