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Face Down, Ass Up ----------------------------------------- With Mick Blue running late for his scene with that big booty Latina Diamond Kitty. First, she started stripping and teasing, showing off her juicy ass and newly pierced tits. She used her fingers and a dildo to get her pussy wet, so that by the time that Mick showed up, she was already good to go! ZZ Maid Service ----------------------------------- While Danny is away at work, Gabriella goes all over his house, rubbing her sweet little pink pussy, and then using the sweet pussy juices to scrub down his house! But when Danny comes home early and discovers her secret, Gabriella will do whatever it takes to protect her company's secret... Last Stop, Buttfuck Nowhere -------------------------------------------------------- Krissy Lynn was hitchhiking across America using her big tits to get rides, when Mick Blue pulled over to pick her up. She was in the car for less than five minutes before she started being disrespectful and annoying, Mick decided to teach this horny slut a little respect! Where's My Wallet --------------------------------------- When Mischa giving Keiran Lee a little lap dance, she grabs his walled while he's distracted by her erotic gyrations. The second Keiran notices his walled is missing, he storms off the washroom and catches Mischa red handed. Then he gives her phat booty a nice spanking, which makes her so wet and horny. DP Duty On Miss Monroe's Booty ------------------------------------------------------------ So when Rose Monroe's assistant quits because of her diva behavior, she calls in her contractors, Mick Blue and Jordan Ash, to help her out. Jordan is having none of it until she pays them, but Rose lets them know the the only payment they'll be getting out of there will be in the form of her big round booty!

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Krissy Lynn

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Rose Monroe

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