Adorable Teens 5

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These aren't just any teens, these are Private teens. Cute, adorable, feisty and of course horny, you won't find any other young stars quite like it and they'll always have you gagging for more! You'll discover that there's no better way to strengthen family ties than with a threesome as Light Fairy is joined by her stepmother and Private debutant Caty Kiss, the new MILF on the block. Private also brings you Stacia Si and new girls Megan Venturi, Alisha Brendy and Asian Li Loo, all young, sexy and hungry for anything, but do not be fooled by their age, these teens are sexually experienced, they know how to show you a good time and you and see them all in action right here in Private Specials, ~~Adorable Teens 5~~.

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Scène1: 00:01:40 - 00:26:38 (24:58)

Scène2: 00:26:40 - 00:49:11 (22:31)


Stasia Si

Scène3: 00:49:14 - 01:13:12 (23:58)

Scène4: 01:13:15 - 01:35:34 (22:19)


Li Loo

Scène5: 01:35:39 - 01:58:08 (22:29)