A-Hole Vol.3

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The Book: Cherry Kiss goes to bed after a long day of hustlin' and spots a book about sexual performances on her night stand. The Serbian model gives it a chance by turning a few pages and notices this chapter entirely dedicated to anal sex. World renowned adult male performer and newly author, then appears in Cherry Kiss' bed room making her freak out cynically. It's not a dream, neither is the Erik proving his point in mastering the tushy area. Anal only, zero pussy is the way to go! You Don't Deserve My Pussy!: New comer Isabella De Laa is on the rise and wants to make the most out of her life. She is shameless and when she hooks up with Kristof Cale, fellow performer at a club, she decides to bring him home and makes him her boy toy. One thing the handsome man is not awareHe will not have a pussy for playing. Boyfriends only and he's definitely not! So back door only, a- hole pounding xxxclusively. Ready 4 It!: Insatiable and voracious underrated talent, Katy Rose is always ready for new sexual experiences. In her case, this morning, waking up a little excited, toying her asshole comes to her mind with no reason whatsoever. Being too loud malaxing her inside, her boyfriend then wakes up brutally and can't believe with his own eyes what's happening! Well, Katy has been practicing hard and is now ready for it. No vaginal action involved in this sequence. Just Met: The beginning of a relationship is always fun, loving and sexually intense. But the more intimate you get into, the more pertinent the subjects become. Antonia recently started dating Angelo and approaches him with a taboo request. What about trying out anal sex?! A dirty thing for a dirty mind considered by the norm. A perversion? Well those two are willing to try it all with consent and respect. Lots of gapes, Antonia is a natural!

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Cherry Kiss

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Katy Rose

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